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Product: Spinner II model 576HE centrifuge bypass engine oil filter 

Category: Oil Filters 

Synopsis: The model 576HE centrifuge is the latest generation of the the industry's leading bypass oil-cleaning solution. The compact unit features a new high-efficiency, maintenance-free, replaceable rotor. 

Oil-Cleaning Power for Advanced Protection The model 576HE centrifuge is powered by normal engine oil pressure. It features a lightweight, thermoplastic rotor and innovative high-speed bearing system that enable the unit to generate centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity. The efficiency of the 576HE makes it highly effective at removing not only large particles, but also soot and other fine contaminants as small as one-tenth of a micron. By maintaining ultra-clean oil, the 576HE protects against premature wear and maximizes the service life of critical engine components - even in the most demanding transit applications. Convenient Disposable Rotors Manufactured from engineered thermoplastic, the 576HE rotor is designed for ease of service. The single-use, disposable rotor is simply removed and replaced at each service interval. There are no special requirements for disposal. A used 576HE rotor may be disposed of as you would ordinary full-flow oil filters, or it may be drained and thrown away as regular trash. How it works (1) Oil enters the rotor under engine pressure, flowing up through a hollow spindle (2) Centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity separates contaminants from the oil (3) Contaminants accumulate on the inside of the disposable rotor surface (4) Clean oil exits at high speed from opposing, twin nozzles, powering the centrifuge (5) Oil returns to the crankcase from the Level Control Base, which maintains proper oil flow for speed and efficiency

Key Benefits: 
A Spinner II centrifuge is a highly effective bypass filtration device. The unit is self-powered, using engine oil pressure to generate speeds over 6,000 rpm. It diverts a sidestream of oil for processing and returns clean oil to the crankcase. The centrifuge operates at speeds in excess of 6,000 rpm, generating a force more than 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force slings contaminants smaller than one micron out of your oil and packs them into a dense cake on the interior wall of the disposable centrifuge rotor. A Spinner II centrifuge flows up to two gallons (7.6 l/m) of oil every minute, allowing it to clean the entire sump capacity of a typical transit engine 10-15 times an hour


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