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Product: Posi/Lock-105 Posi-Cap Spill Proof Fuel Tank Adapter 

Key Benefits: 

  • Cap is only cycled open and closed once a day.

  • Cap is designed for easy opening/closing. The caps at either end of the unit extend beyond the tank for easy open and closing by the operator. Designed of high impact nylon, it can withstand the shock of the operator shoving the cap closed with the front end of the nozzle.

  • Anticipated life is in excess of 10 years..

  • Easy Installation. The first step is to take the cap screws out of the Adapter on the right side of the Adapter. The wire spring is then attached to the cap screw and the cap screws are reinstalled on the two bolts on the right side of the adapter. The retaining spring is then attached to the two cap screws on the left side of the adapter.

  • Weather tight design. The rubber seals used prevent moisture and soil from contaminating the front end nozzle.

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