Product: Recaro LXS Cut-A-Way Drivers Seat 

Additional Specifications: 
Driver seat shall be Recaro Model LXS. The design of the driver's seat shall have as its primary objective the provision of an environment for the driver that will aid the driver to operate the bus safely and efficiently for an extended period of time without injury and with minimum fatigue. Human factor design principles shall be used in the layout and design of the seat. The seat manufacturer shall have contracted orthopedic specialists to aid in the design of the seat. The seat should be designed to comfortably hold and support the human body in the orthopedically correct position for driving. 

The driver's seat shall be adjustable to provide comfort for drivers up to 300 lbs. The seat back shall be adjustable. The contoured cushion of the seat shall prevent the tailbone from slipping forward causing vertebrae compression. If necessary, the manual recliner, with dual sided hand controls, should be equipped with recliner limits to prevent the seat from interfering with the driver's barrier. The seat cushion shall incorporate fully supported Pirelli mat design to absorb road shock. 

The seat back shall a minimum of 24" tall and 18.5' wide (at the bolsters). The recliner mechanism shall be of the taumel design to allow for more complete engagement of the recline gears in all recline positions. The seat back shall be constructed with a one piece stamped steel shell. This steel back shall not be a tubular steel design. The seat back shall be ergonomically designed and adjustable to provide exactly the right support to match the S-shaped curve of the driver's back. Lateral supports shall be offered to hold the driver in place and reduce muscle fatigue while driving. The seat back structure shall be warranted for 5 years. A manual air lumbar with left-hand controls should be provided for lower and upper back support. 

The seat back shall manually release and tilt forward with the release of a dual sided lever. This seat back release shall disengage the seat back recline mechanism and allow immediate access to the area behind the driver's seat. . 


All adjustments to the seat shall be made easily without possibility of crushing or pinching the driver's hand. 
The seat should be ___________ in color and covered in (vinyl or cloth). Seat cushions should be constructed of long lasting polyurethane foam. 

A four way adjustable headrest with six position vertical adjustment


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