Product: Brake / Turn / Tail Lights

Category: LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights 


The 40 Series LED Brake/Tail/Turn Light is a low maintenance, high-reliability replacement for the 4-inch round incandescent lamp found on many heavy-duty vehicles. Dialight's design incorporates advanced regulation circuitry that meets FMVSS 108 light output requirements over a 7 to 16 volt range while using far less current than the incandescent lamp. The 40 Series meets FMVSS 108 even at reduced voltage occurring at the back of doubles and triples.

Key Benefits: 

  • Color closely matches incandescent

  • Multiple LED construction - matched light output of incandescent light

  • Reduced current draw

  • Low heat generation

  • Conforms to FMVSS 108

  • Advanced regulator design meets light output requirements over a 7 to 16 volt range

  • Designed for mounting in existing grommets

  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens

  • Reduces vehicle maintainence and downtime

  • Theft-resistant bracket available

  • Shock and vibration resistant

Additional Specifications: 
The stop, tail and turn lights shall be 4" round flange or grommet mounted Dialight LED type lights. The brake lights shall be fabricated with the use of a current regulator circuit to the LED's that allows for operation of the device from 7 volts to 16 volts with constant intensity. All electrical connections to the LED light shall be by wire coming from the light housing and terminated with a Packard Weather Pak connector. The stop, tail, and turn lights shall be a one-piece design with the rear of the circuit board potted with an epoxy compound to seal the lens. No interim connector shall be allowed on the body of the light. All lenses shall be smooth to prevent dirt entrapment and ease the washing process. The entire LED assembly shall be specially coated to protect the light from chemical and abrasion degradation. The brake and taillights shall be red while the turn signal shall be amber.

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